A Writer

Matthew moved to Manhattan to learn about books, and was fired from a publishing job within a year.  Without Craigslist, the story ends.  He got a job at a Michelin star restaurant and soaked up as much wine as possible.  Three years and untold late nights later, he’s moved from center stream to back-eddy, and now works at Brooklyn’s best wine shop, where he oversees website copy, manages email blasts, and sells juice.    

... & Certified Sommelier

Certified with the Court of Master Sommeliers, Matthew never stops learning and sharing.  He runs two wine clubs: one has an educational bent and focuses on natural wines; the other runs with a faster crowd, in Premier Cru circles.  He writes in English and drinks primarily French. 

On a Mission

To explore.  Seeking new voices and new wines, in every frontier.   To boldly go where no one has gone before.  To participate, to pursue the final frontier.  


Without ever leaving her room, the wine drinker can know the whole world.
— Matthew Hawkins